Just launched in 2020, How To Make A Habit is designed to help you change your habits, positive or negative, and create a better life for yourself.  Read on to learn how to finally change your habits for good!

Habit Creation

Learn how to create long lasting habits effectively and efficiently.

Habit Tracking

Learn how to track your changing habits.

Habit Ideas

Get ideas about what kinds of habits to work on.

What You Get

This site is designed to bring you not just a way to change your habits, but many.  There is no good singular way to get someone to change their habits.  So here, you’ll find the answers (plural) to how to change your habits, brought to you from researchers and laypeople alike.

If you want to have the knowledge to change yourself for the better, and being a happier, healthier person, you’re in the right place.  You’ll find tons of ways to work towards the habits you know you want and need, as well as ideas for new habits to create and ways to track the new awesomeness that you’re bringing about!

Who am I

Hi there!  I’m Jess, a 30-something looking for the best way to Adult. Habits, and why people do what they do (answer: habits), have always fascinated me, so now I’m sharing with you the ways I work to create habits!  I’m always learning new ways to create lasting change.  I hope my reading can benefit you as well!

Want to know what I use, personally and to build this site?  See my Tools Of The Trade page!