Changing Habits Strategy Review

I was really excited about this book. When I first thought of this website and started looking at books on Amazon, this was one of the first I found. And finally, I was able to order it.

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First, It’s A Small Book

At only 65 pages (and with large print), it’s much shorter than Essential Zen Habits (you may recall in this post last week I was initially disappointed in the length of that book).

Second, It’s More A General Self-Help Book

While it does absolutely cover habits, its tone is more suited for a longer book on improving your life; the subtitle is “Your daily practical habits strategy to change your life for the better”. So life improvement, rather than habits directly, seems to be the focus of the book.

The First Half Suggests Mindset Shifts

With chapters from “Believe in Change” to “No Regrets,” author Robert White echoes other habit gurus with topics reminding the reader that, while they have the power to change their lives, they also need to be kind to themselves.

Then It Goes Off The Rails

About midway through, I started to notice something that bothers many people (me included). Typos. At first, there were just a few. Its instead of it’s. A four instead of a for. But by chapter 9, there were whole paragraphs that sounded like they’d been dictated to a brand new iPhone. Missing words, extra words, nonsensical sentences… I had a difficult time following the narrative. Sometimes I read a paragraph three or four times and still couldn’t understand what White was trying to convey.

I Can’t Recommend That Anyone Purchase Changing Habits Strategy

At least not until there’s an update or a new version. With whole paragraphs jumbled, the last portion of the book is barely readable, much less actionable.

So Overall, I Was Disappointed

Instead of this book, I recommend one of the following:

Review coming soon!

This is the review!

If You Need Help Deciding…

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