April Tiny Habits

  • After I wake up and put my feet on the floor I will say “It’s going to be an awesome day” and then I will feel Shine by smiling. (The Maui habit)(Repeat from March)
  • After I go to the bathroom and wash my hands I will do 5 squats and then I will feel Shine by cheering quietly.
  • After I go into the closet I will hang one piece of clothing and then I will feel Shine by smiling. (Modification of March habit)

What Worked Last Month

March 2020 had a bunch of changes, for me and the world. I started a new job, and then almost immediately started working from home, along with my flatmate. While these were major changes, they didn’t really affect my Tiny Habits. That being said, I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped on the habits. I remember the Maui habit, but usually after I’m already up and about. The pushup habit went very well though. I occasionally do more than 5, and they’re getting easier, physically and mentally. They’ve cemented their place in my daily routines. While my third habit, hanging up clothing after bringing it into the room, did help me occasionally do all the clothes, I think it needs to be modified, as seen above. By putting one thing away after I go into the closet (and the cat’s litter box, which needs to be scooped multiple times a day for Miss Prissy, is in the closet), I think I’ll actually get the clothes put away.

New Habits For April

Instead of pushups after brushing my teeth, I’ve chosen to do squats after I wash my hands after going to the bathroom. BJ Fogg, Ph.D., author of Tiny Habits, does two pushups after going to the bathroom. While I liked that idea, I didn’t want to be doing exercise in the bathroom at work, but since I’ll be working from home for at least the rest of April, now seems like a good time to make this a habit. Once I go back to working in an office I’ll modify them somehow.

Other Things I’m Tracking In April

  • Up On Time
  • Teeth Brushed (AM)
  • Pushups (AM)
  • Showered/Washed Hair
  • Brushed Hair
  • Checked Weight
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • No Sugar
  • Stretched
  • Exercised
  • Skipped Nap
  • Meditated
  • Took All Meds
  • Brushed Teeth (PM)
  • Pushups (PM)
  • Bed by 10PM
  • Drank 48oz of Water
  • Did Laundry
  • Put Clothes Away
  • Made Bed
  • Read a Book for >10 Minutes
  • De-cluttered
  • Wrote 250+ Words
  • Finished a Blog Post
  • No (Unneeded) Spending
  • Did Dishes

Some of these are easy wins, like brushing my teeth and pushups. Others are a bit more difficult. I’ve started a new pattern on my habit tracker so I wanted some “more likely to happen” things to track this month so the missed events are easier to see.

How about you? What habits do you want to create in April, and what are you tracking? Comment below!

Questions? Comments? Constructive criticism?

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