July Tiny Habits

  • After I wash my hands I will do 5 squats (gently), then cheer
  • After I sit at my personal computer I will turn on my alarm, then smile
  • After I finish eating I will wash my dishes or put them in the dishwasher, then smile

Why These Habits

Last month didn’t go so well, so I wanted something even smaller and easier. Tinier. I need to work out more, and I’ve lost some weight, so I think I can add in squats again (in May Tiny Habits I reported that I stopped doing squats after washing my hands because it hurt my knees). As for the alarm, it’s an old alarm on my desk with a very annoying sound-hopefully trying to prevent that will get me out of bed. And it’s always good to clean up after eating instead of letting it pile up in the sink.

What Worked And Didn’t Work Last Month

Even though I thought it was a great idea at the start, I realized I didn’t feel safe doing wall sits with a tooth brush in my mouth-I was worried I’d lose my balance and/or fall. So I quickly stopped doing that. My failure was not replacing or modifying it.

My steps, on the other hand, are going great. I hit my goal of 7,500, then 10,000 steps all but one day in June.

Putting my feet on the floor after my alarm rang rarely happened. I’m still struggling with the getting up part of my life… Here’s hoping for July!

Other Things I’m Tracking

  • Maui Habit
  • Up On Time
  • Teeth/Pushups AM/PM
  • Shower
  • Weigh-in
  • Duolingo
  • Food Tracking
  • Made Bed
  • Fasted until 1200
  • Cleaned Up Something
  • Posted A Pin
  • Bed on Time
  • Laundry
  • Clothes Put Away
  • Stretched
  • Exercised (>20 minutes)
  • Steps (>10,000)
  • No (Unneeded) Spending
  • Wrote (>250 words)
  • Meditated
  • Napped < 30 minutes
  • Blog Work
  • Programmed
  • No Sugar Day

I want to focus (again) on getting up on time. That extra time in the morning means I can get a lot more done, and I’m in a better mood than if I drag myself out of bed just before work.

How about you? What habits do you want to create in July, and what are you tracking? Comment below!

Questions? Comments? Constructive criticism?

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