May Tiny Habits

  • After my alarm goes off I will put one foot on the floor and celebrate by cheering internally.
  • After I walk into the bathroom in the morning I will complete my morning routine, including showering, and celebrate by playing music.
  • After I sit down at work I will take three deep breaths to center myself and celebrate by smiling.
  • After I get back from my weekday walk after work I will do a (modified) 7-minute workout and celebrate by napping/meditating in bed.

What Worked And Didn’t Work Last Month

I really improved the amount of times I performed the Maui habit (saying “it’s going to be a great day” after putting my feet on the floor). I’m going to continue to do this, but it’s no longer a focus (it’s a habit!). The squats after washing my hands almost became a habit until my knees decided that they didn’t like that movement around the 27th, so I stopped doing that. Hanging up my clothes? Yeah, nah. That didn’t happen at all, so I’m abandoning that as a Tiny Habit for this month.

I actually chose not to do intermittent fasting for April by about the 3rd. While I found it useful in March, I found that working from home made it very difficult. My “office” is in my living room/kitchen area, so grabbing food was too easy. I also found I got hungry earlier. When I’m moving and focusing on work, I don’t think about my hunger until about 11, then it was only an hour until I could eat, but I was getting hungry around 8, and four hours is a long time to go hungry with food that close. However, I did succeed in my no-sugar challenge, which is major for me. I really like my sugar. Now that I’ve done one month of intermittent fasting and one with no sugar, I’m going to try both for a month.

New Habits for May

Working from home during Covid-19 has been both good and bad. While I don’t miss the commute, getting up at a regular hour has been difficult. I’ve fought with getting out of bed most of my life, and am going to use Tiny Habits to make getting out of bed more reliable. For now, I’m going to focus on putting A foot on the floor. Very easy to do (my bed’s low), but it’s progress. At some point, I’ll move to both feet on the floor, then standing up, etc.

Related to working from home, my morning routine’s gone down the drain. It’s so easy to skip parts of it, because I know I won’t be leaving the house. That needs to change – I have a roommate, and morning routines help me get going so I don’t sit like a lump for the first few hours of work. I get paid hourly, so productivity is key. To that end, I also want to set myself up for a productive day by putting a clear line between not working and work time by focusing myself before I start to work, hence the three deep breaths.

Last but not least, I need to move more. That’s true whether I’m working from home or not. A friend mentioned the New York Time’s 7-minute workout. While I’m not in shape enough to get through the whole 7 minutes, I’m modifying it (a work in progress) to work up to the full time. I love napping, so that will be my Shine/reward moment afterwards.

Other Things I’m Tracking

  • Up On Time
  • Teeth Brushed/Pushups (AM)
  • Showered/Washed Hair
  • Brushed Hair
  • Checked Weight
  • IF – Ate only between 1200 and 2200
  • No Sugar
  • Stretched
  • Exercised
  • Skipped Nap
  • Meditated
  • Took All Meds
  • Brushed Teeth/Pushups (PM)
  • Bed by 10PM
  • Drank 48oz of Water
  • Did Laundry
  • Put Clothes Away
  • Made Bed
  • Read a Book for >10 Minutes
  • De-cluttered
  • Wrote 250+ Words
  • No (Unneeded) Spending
  • Did Dishes
  • Worked on blog
  • Duolingo lesson
  • CodeCademy lesson
  • Tracked food

This month I went for a mix of easy and harder things for me to do. Most of it is a repeat from last month, but a few are changed, and I’ve added some new stuff including time on Duolingo, a language-learning app (free!) and CodeCademy, which I got for a month and forgot to cancel, so I might as well make the most of it!

How about you? What habits do you want to create in May, and what are you tracking? Comment below!

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